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Reduce your AWS Cloud spend with zero effort

Advising IT professionals on their current and future technology needs is at the core of what we do. Day in, day out, our clients leverage our team to achieve outcomes that exceed expectations and eclipse what they thought was possible by working on their own.
CNNECT’s partnership with ProsperOps brings our customers the ability to tap in to automated savings within their own AWS environment.

Regardless of your current FinOps maturity, this solution utilises automated algorithms to enhance your savings potential from the very start. Ever better, as time goes on and your existing commitments expire, the solution continues to drive up the amount of savings.

Your AWS cost savings analysis

A 10 minute configuration in your AWS Console will provide a cost savings analysis to understand what savings would be predicted each year over a 4 year period.

Three reasons to look at ProsperOps
  • 3 out of 4 customers save more than a 50% increase in savings
  • No commitment or credit card required – you only pay when you’re saving
  • Zero on-going effort, its not uncommon for 1,000s of optimisation actions per month

Book a Cost Savings Analysis

So how does it work?

The platform automatically maximises your AWS cloud savings and simplifies cloud financial management. It autonomously builds, manages, and optimises a portfolio of Savings Plans and RIs on your behalf. By dynamically adapting commitments to environment changes, every hour, the software helps you to maximise your ongoing savings.

ProsperOps combines algorithms and automation to perform optimisations a human cannot.

Data Ingestion

Telemetry collected from your computing environment

Optimisation Algorithms

Algorithms identify cost-saving opportunities in real-time

Execution Engine

Optimisations are automatically executed via API, 24×7

Arrange a demo today

At CNNECT, we believe this is the only true automated solution (with zero human involvement). It manages in the background without the need to be informed of engineering changes or any manual inputs.

For a demo, or a cost saving analysis please complete the form at the top of this page and we can talk you through more details.

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