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Migrating to the cloud is a crucial step for organisations undergoing modernisation or digital transformation initiatives. While operating in the cloud is known for its flexibility and ease, it doesn’t mean getting there won’t come without challenges.

Security to match the risk profile of your organisation

Cyber Security Strategy

Strategy, Governance, Risk, and Compliance are interrelated components of an effective cyber security framework. Organisations need to establish a clear cyber security vision that aligns with business goals, while also having the necessary systems, processes, and controls in place to mitigate the risks associated with their digital assets and systems and comply with regulations.

We are together alongside you as a cyber security partner that can  develop a strategy and help to put security policy structures in place to regularly assess risks and ensure compliance.

Managed Detection and Response

With the increasing sophistication and volume of cyber threats, it’s essential for organisations to have real-time visibility and control over their digital assets and systems. Managed Detection and Response (MDR) provides companies with a proactive approach to cyber security, helping to identify and mitigate threats before they cause significant harm.

Our team will help you to understand and scope the ideal MDR services. We understand the importance of selecting the right technologies to meet your unique security needs. With our extensive network of reputable cybersecurity partnerships, we conduct thorough evaluations, saving you time and ensuring you get the right outcome.

MDR that aligns with your chosen technology stack

Adapt your security strategy to align with your cloud transformation

Cloud Security Assessment

Today, companies work across distributed cloud environments, while end-users need anytime, anywhere access to data.  Instead of securing the perimeter to keep threats out, we must focus on securing the data itself. Cloud solutions come with strong security capabilities to make this happen but tailoring these to your needs isn’t easy.

Email Security

Email security is critical to every organisation. Our AI-powered email security tools build behavioural profiles for every email user, including their relationships, tone and sentiment, content and link sharing patterns, and thousands of other signals – across email, applications and beyond.‍ Learning the business – rather than being trained on known attacks – allows the system to spot the novel, targeted, and sophisticated email threats that others miss. Together, we’ll work to secure your email systems against phishing attempts, malware, and data breaches by combining the most suitable platforms and services relevant to your business.

Secure your biggest threat with AI powered email security

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