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Collaboration technologies are tools and platforms designed to facilitate communication, cooperation, and teamwork among individuals and teams within a business or across organisations. These technologies streamline information sharing, enhance productivity, and foster real-time collaboration, irrespective of geographical locations.

"We engaged with CNNECT to design a strategy and execute against it. They did really successfully, moved us to Azure, using landing zones and infrastructure as code. They were super-impressive in the way in which they approached it."

Unify multiple channels into a single application

Unified Communications

We work with organisations to identify, shortlist and select market-leading vendors for upcoming unified communications projects. Our team assists in instantly comparing and filtering multiple suppliers while significantly reducing overall time and effort spent on designing requirements and delivering outcomes.

Contact Centre

The contact centre landscape is evolving fast. Cloud solutions are becoming the norm. Organisations want the promised extra flexibility, but aren’t sure of the best approach. Our team works with you to understand your requirements, and guide you towards the right set of vendors, technologies and expertise to help you find the right path.

Our work includes both requirements capture, process mapping and business case development, alongside vendor selection and implementation support.

Modernise your contact centre with the power of the cloud

Superior customer service powered by artificial intelligence

AI in Customer Service

As part of our focus on AI-powered technology solutions, customer service use cases are at the heart of the first wave of productivity driven by enterprises who adopt AI. It’s more than just chatbots. By utilising self-service, agent-assist and knowledge powered by AI language models, we help organisations to either start or continue using data and AI to provide the best customer experience possible.  Our AI Assessment is a great starting point for anyone looking to start their journey.
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