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Migrating to the cloud is a crucial step for organisations undergoing modernisation or digital transformation initiatives. While operating in the cloud is known for its flexibility and ease, it doesn’t mean getting there won’t come without challenges.

"We engaged with CNNECT to design a strategy and execute against it. They did really successfully, moved us to Azure, using landing zones and infrastructure as code. They were super-impressive in the way in which they approached it."

We simplify the move to the cloud

Cloud Readiness Assessment

We’ll give you a clear understanding of the benefits of a cloud readiness assessment and their value and risks associated with the journey ahead.

    • Understand what’s needed to get cloud-ready
    • Cloud-agnostic analysis of your current environments
    • Cost-effective and low touch engagement that provides clarity
    • Bespoke transformation roadmap
    • A detailed report including migration plan and cloud costings
    • Understand the ins, outs and complexities of your existing environment
    • Get direction from cloud experts on your environments

Cloud Adoption Framework

Delivered as an agile engagement, you benefit from the value of our expertise from day one and not just when we deliver the final report. Tick off quick wins and deliver outcomes faster by partnering with us.

    • A light-touch route to transformative insights
    • Cloud-agnostic analysis of your current environments
    • A cost-effective engagement that provides clarity
    • Avoid the pitfalls and complexities of future cloud environments
    • Get the input of cloud experts on your environments
    • Maximise your cloud investments
    • Reduce risk through best practice

Confidently adopt cloud and achieve business outcomes

Develop your security strategy for the cloud

Cloud Security Assessment

Today, companies work across distributed cloud environments, while end-users need anytime, anywhere access to data. 

Instead of securing the perimeter to keep threats out, we must focus on securing the data itself. Cloud solutions come with strong security capabilities to make this happen but tailoring these to your needs isn’t easy.

Cloud Migration

We can rescue in-flight projects or create a roadmap for new initiatives. Our experts are on-hand to ensure any pitfalls and setbacks are avoided, resulting in a successful implementation every time.

    1. Discovery – Using proprietary tools, we scan and assess your infrastructure, application & data to determine best fit services based on strategic business needs. 
    2. Planning – Using data from our discovery, we plot your optimal migration strategy that will help us realise your cloud-first strategy. 
    3. Migration – We transfer your workloads and carry out migration testing. All data is migrated, and the new environment handles the load correctly. We use automated cloud management and migration tools to support a smooth transition. 

Accelerate your migration and modernisation journey to the cloud

Accelerate your FinOps journey without the initial investment

Cloud Cost Optimisation

Running the most efficient cloud service possible takes up time and resources. We can help make your cost optimisation more straightforward with a mix of tools and processes.

Regardless of your current FinOps maturity, we work with your teams to understand where automated algorithms could enhance your savings potential from the very start. Our goal is to eliminate waste, establish internal FinOps capability and drive you towards self-service with the right mix of tools to deliver optimisation.

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