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Artificial Intelligence

Our customers rely on us to help them navigate the next phase of technology engagement with true AI partnerships which drive innovation, efficiency and bottom line savings. Speak to us about how your organisation can benefit from AI technologies.

"We engaged with CNNECT to design a strategy and execute against it. They did really successfully, moved us to Azure, using landing zones and infrastructure as code. They were super-impressive in the way in which they approached it."

Gervais Carlton-Blake, CIO LOD Group

Bespoke AI Consultancy

AI Assessment

AI in Customer Service

AI for Sales Teams

Bespoke AI Consultancy

Many of our AI conversations start right at the beginning. We’ll give you a clear understanding of the benefits of AI-powered solutions across cloud, collaboration and cyber security. Our consultative approach will help you to uncover the value from any potential AI implementation.

• Understand what’s needed to get AI-ready
• An agnostic analysis of your current environments
• Cost-effective and low touch engagement that provides clarity
• Bespoke AI roadmap engagement
• A detailed report including true value and ROI calculations
• Get direction from our AI experts on how to make the most of AI across your departments

AI Assessment

If you’re looking to find out if AI is as transformative as many are believing, then you’ll want to assess the value of any investment before going through the process of implementation. This could be company wide, or for a particular department:

• A light-touch route to fully understanding the value of AI in your organisation
• Product agnostic analysis of your current environment
• A cost-effective engagement that provides clarity
• Avoid the pitfalls and complexities of an AI implementation
• Get the input of AI experts on your company processes
• Truly understand the ROI and value of any AI investments
• Reduce risk through best practice

AI in Customer Service

If you’re in a customer service role or responsible for your organisation’s contact centre then you’ll most likely want to understand how AI can supercharge your agents and provide huge value to your customers:

• Understand where your teams can most effectively utilise AI in the process of dealing with customers day-to-day
• Work with our team to understand what types of AI are relevant, whether that’s generative AI, voice analytics, RPA or more
• Understand how to identify high value, low touch use cases to prove that AI can be beneficial
• Work on a proof of value and build a business case with a real ROI
• Lean on our team to help evaluate the market for the right solution for your use case

AI for Sales Teams

Maximising efficiency for your sales teams can drive huge value. AI solutions can help to ensure that your salespeople are operating at the top of their game, every day:

• Automated summaries based on call transcripts mean a standardised data capture and ensure accuracy in CRM records
• Reduction in sales administration meaning more time to spend on value generating tasks
• AI-coaching and prompting means a faster ramp to revenue per salesperson
• AI cross-selling prompts leads to a higher conversation rate per customer and bigger revenue share per lead
• Emotion-AI gives the sales team more insight into remote calls, picking up on body language and sentiment


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