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A new era for cost conscious technology investments

Reading about the UK economic situation in the papers this morning can be quite depressing. However, the way in which we’re looking at from a business perspective is with rose tinted glasses. It means we’re advising our customers in almost every sector about ways in which they can use technology to reduce their budget as we move into a more challenging time.

We’ve been around technology for a while and recently the conversations have switched back to productivity and bang for buck. Here’s some of the types of projects and discussions we’ve been working on.

Cloud Cost Optimisation and FinOps has come to the core.

After the pandemic push to the cloud, a number of organisations we’ve been working with have realised that they need to either pull back and take control of their cloud spend. It’s probably the number one topical conversation. We’ve helped with tooling, helped with culture change, and even tried our hand at recruitment.

Artificial Intelligence in reality.

In real terms I’m sure we all have a problem defining AI within organisations. However we’ve found that there are many examples of it’s application that have real time positive effects on the bottom line. One of our partners, Uniphore, are a great example. We’ve been working with customers to shorten the call centre call times using really smart technology. Every second we save hits the bottom line. It’s quick and (relatively) straightforward.

We’ve been working with customers to shorten the call centre call times using really smart technology. Every second we save hits the bottom line.

Robotic Process Automation is more than just the mundane tasks.

You’ve probably heard about RPA for invoice management, but we’re now seeing organisations make more inroads into business analysis and process mapping to enable them to automate tasks that beforehand it had been easy to ignore. Productivity gains have become a Board level conversation and so the trickle down effect is now starting to be seen.

Supplier Management in the microscope.

New contracts, renewals, upgrades, downgrades and consumption are all being tracked. Most of these conversations were given a cursory glance by finance up until recently. We’re enjoying the fact that our customers are tuning in to the margins and making sure that they can sell the value of technology investments internally to the CFO. We’ve been surprised to be asked to help build business cases alongside customers, but that’s some great value for us to add as advisors.

Telco and comms consolidations.

One area of pricing consciousness which can be a quick win is in telco and communications. Bloated number of users, lines, minutes, texts and those ‘features’ that never get used. This, alongside the suppliers who’ve been on the books for years with no pressure. A area where a finger can be pointed to help with budgeting for technologies which can be used to increase productivity.

Remember, we’re in this market every day, seeing what organisations are doing – good and bad. So if you want bounce ideas off us then give us a chance to show you proper value. 

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