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At CNNECT, we are proud to be a partner of 8×8, a leading provider of cloud communication and customer engagement solutions. One of the areas where we are particularly excited about working with 8×8 is the use of AI in contact centres. AI has the potential to transform the way businesses engage with their customers, enabling them to deliver more personalised and efficient service.


To explore this topic in more detail, we recently sat down with Jonathan MacKenzie, Product Manager at 8×8, to discuss the use of AI in contact centres. In the video, Joel Berwitz, Managing Partner at CNNECT, and Jonathan discuss a range of topics, including:

  • The benefits of using AI in contact centres
  • How AI can improve customer experience
  • The challenges of implementing AI in contact centres

The Role of AI in Contact Centres

AI is becoming increasingly popular in contact centres, and for good reason. It has the potential to improve customer experience, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. With AI, contact centres can automate repetitive tasks, provide personalised experiences, and identify and solve problems faster. 


One of the most significant benefits of AI in contact centres is that it can help agents provide better customer service. AI can assist agents by providing them with relevant information about customers, such as their purchase history and preferences. This information can help agents provide a more personalised service, which can lead to higher customer satisfaction.


AI can also help contact centres reduce costs by automating repetitive tasks. For example, it can be used to handle simple customer inquiries, freeing up agents to focus on more complex issues. Additionally, AI can be used to identify and solve problems faster, reducing the amount of time agents spend on each call.

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